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What Is Dynamo ONE?

Dynamo ONE is more than just a Plugin, it is a tool to help you save time when configuring and setting up WordPress. It takes the average person anywhere up to 2 or 3 hours to completely set up and configure their WordPress site to be highly optimized and SEO friendly. Even a technical person would spend at least 20-30 minutes. Well not any more, Dynamo ONE completely configures and optimizes all of your settings to our proven Dynamo ONE settings. Dynamo ONE configures your:

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  • General settings (Membership, New User Default Role, Timezone, Date Format, Time Format, Week Starts On)
  • Writing settings (Post Box Size, Formatting, Post Format, Update Services)
  • Reading settings (Type Of Homepage, Post Display Count, RSS Display Count, RSS Feed Display, Site Encoding)
  • Discussion settings (Article Settings, Comment Settings, E-Mail Settings, Comment Approval, Comment Moderation, Avatar Display, Avatar Rating, Default Avatar)
  • Media settings (Thumbnail Size, Medium Size, Large Size, Auto Embed, Embed Size, Upload Folder, Upload Folder URL, Upload Organization)
  • Privacy settings (Site Visibility – Allow Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo To Actively Crawl And Index Your Site)
  • Permalinks settings (Custom Permalink Structure – Set To /%category%/%postname%/, Flush Site Re-Write Rules To Allow New URL Structure)

Whats next? Dynamo ONE will allow you to download and activate from a select list of Dynamo HIGHLY recommended and popular Plugins. And to take things ONE step further, Dynamo ONE will even configure the Dynamo HIGHLY recommended Plugins for you… you just click the next button and Dynamo ONE does the work. These Plugins will further optimize your site and serve to increase its performance.

What does every site need that WordPress doesn’t include? Dynamo ONE will create a “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service” pre-loaded with default templates. The last step is the “Contact Us” page with a fully integrated contact form built to fight spam, so you don’t have to.

Dynamo ONE simply leaves you with a choice, the choice of how to spend your time. Would you rather be wasting time setting-up and configuring WordPress and stressing and guessing over which settings will give you the best SEO and optimization for your site? Deciding where do you go? What do you click?

The guessing game is over – WordPress has a starting point. With Dynamo ONE you simply click “Next” and let Dynamo ONE do all the heavy lifting.

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